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General Information

Nous vous remercions de vous porter volontaire pour exploiter un serveur de réensemencement I2P. « Réensemencement » est notre terme pour amorcer les nouveaux routeurs dans le réseau. Les nouveaux routeurs récupèrent un ensemble de références de pairs, ou « infos de routeurs » d’une ou plusieurs listes d’URL HTTPS figées dans le code.


A reseed server must be reachable on the public internet. It must use TLS, but it may use a self-signed TLS certificate if the reseed administrator is in communication with the router development team. The administrator of the reseed server should provide contact information in order to respond to issues and be in touch with the I2P team.

Plus de renseignements

To read the reseed policy, follow this link.

Are you a Debian user? You can find Debian-Specific instructions here.

Are you a Docker user? You can find Docker-Specific instructions here.

To read the old instructions, follow this link.

Installation from Source Code

These guidelines are based on idk's reseed-tools server. They should be very similar to the guidelines for DivaExchange's i2p-reseed server.

Reseed Tools is a pure Go application which can be built statically without CGO. It makes use of Go Modules. A Makefile is provided with some targets which are convenient helpers for generating binaries, especially for production and release purposes.

1. Install the build dependencies

sudo apt-get install go git make

2. Clone the source code

git clone ~/go/src/

3. Generate the binaries using the make build command

cd ~/go/src/
make build

4. Install the binary and the config files

sudo make install

Running the Service

1. First, ensure that the I2P service is already running. The longer the better, if you have to re-start the service, or if the service has very few peers, allow it to run for 24 hours before advancing to step 2.

sudo systemctl start i2p
# or, if you use sysvinit
sudo service i2p start

2. Once your I2P router is Well-Integrated, fill in your email in /etc/systemd/system/reseed.service.d/override.conf and start the reseed service. If you use sysvinit, fill in your email in /etc/default/reseed instead.

sudo systemctl start reseed
# or, if you use sysvinit
sudo service reseed start

Your reseed will auto-configure with a self-signed certificate on port :8443 . The certificates themselves are available in /var/lib/i2p/i2p-config/reseed . When you are ready, you should copy the *.crt files from that directory and share them with the I2P community on zzz.i2p . These will allow I2P users to authenticate your reseed services and secure the I2P network.

Contact us via email zzz at mail.i2p (alternatively, post in the reseed section on the zzz.i2p forum) Provide us with details about your new reseed server:

  • Reseed website URL
  • Public SSL certificate
  • Public reseed su3 certificate
  • Your contact email
  • A statement that you agree to the privacy policy above