A última atualização desta página foi em 2024-02, e é a exata para a versão do roteador 0.9.62.

These are the ports used or reserved by I2P, including those for known plugins, common alternates, and some typical related applications.

Note that many of these are not installed or enabled by default. There is more information in the FAQ. See also the documentation for individual plugins. Plugin authors please add any ports you use here. For new plugins, we recommend using the next available port in the 767x range.

1488XD client web UI (old)
1776XD client web UI (new)
1900UPnP SSDP UDP multicast listener
2827BOB Bridge
3456Tahoe-LAFS-Controller Plugin
3458Tahoe-LAFS-Controller Plugin
3459Tahoe-LAFS-Controller Plugin
4444HTTP Proxy
4445HTTPS Proxy
4691Monotone Server (reserve)
6667IRC Proxy (alt)
6668IRC Proxy
6669IRC Proxy (alt)
7644HTTP Proxy (I2P Browser mode)
7647Console (I2P Browser mode)
7650I2PControl Plugin
7651UPnP (alt - retries going down)
7652UPnP HTTP TCP event listener
7653UPnP SSDP UDP search response listener
7655SAM Bridge (UDP)
7656SAM Bridge (TCP)
7657Router Console
7658I2P Site (Jetty)
7659SMTP Proxy
7660POP3 Proxy
7661Pebble Plugin
7661I2PBote Plugin SMTP
7662Zzzot Plugin
7662I2PBote Plugin IMAP
7663?? Plugin ??
7664JAMWiki Plugin
7667Router Console SSL
7668I2P Site SSL
7669Garlic Farm
7670Git SSH
7672Railroad Plugin
recommended spot for new plugins/applications
7680don't use - Windows Delivery Optimization
8002I2PSnark (standalone install only)
8003I2PSnark SSL (standalone install only)
8118Privoxy (reserve)
8123Tor Polipo (reserve)
8887Old default router network port
8888Freenet (reserve)
8997Monotone Proxy (alt)
8998Monotone Proxy
8999Monotone Proxy (alt)
9050Tor SOCKS Proxy (reserve)
9051-9053SOCKS Proxy (typ)
9150Tor Browser SOCKS Proxy (reserve)
9152-9153Tor Messenger Socks and Control ports (reserve)
9151-30777Router network port (random, selected at install time)
11371SKS/GPG Key Server (reserve)
31001-31999Wrapper (alt - retries going up)
65534Neodatis Plugin