相比于I2P,Freenet提供了一些实质性的好处——它是一个分布式的数据存储网络,而I2P并不是,Freenet允许用户检索已发布的内容,即便内容的发布者已经离线了。此外,Freenet应该能够高效地分发流行数据。I2P本身不提供此功能。另一方面,对于那些只想通过网站、留言板、文件共享程序等方式匿名交流的用户来说,这是有重叠的。I2P也进行了一些尝试以支持分布式数据存储,(最近的是Tahoe-LAFS的移植) 但还没有准备好全面使用。

However, even ignoring any implementations issues, there are some concerns about Freenet's algorithms from both a scalability and anonymity perspective, owing largely to Freenet's heuristic driven routing. The interactions of various techniques certainly may successfully deter various attacks, and perhaps some aspects of the routing algorithms will provide the hoped for scalability. Unfortunately, not much analysis of the algorithms involved has resulted in positive results, but there is still hope. At the very least, Freenet does provide substantial anonymity against an attacker who does not have the resources necessary to analyze it further.