Thank you for your interest in contributing to I2P!

We have reorganized and built a complete new official I2P donation setup run by the user meeh.
While this process is going on, we now accept donations in cryptocurrencies only, not yet in fiat. This will be enabled soon.

Luckily the cryptocurrency donations are back!

Please do not use any of the old addresses (if still known or found anywhere) anymore, those are no longer valid.

The following addresses are valid as of June 10th, 2019.

BTC Address: 3AtDiRUiyDHTSALRxsEZ7yqmB7piwaowaY
LTC Address: MN55tu4y7UtdPXUk9WvCSfy4nGUW79DZpN
ETH Address: 0xfC35D2225bA2739eCC5a1e50676a8DbC03569C27

Note: Addresses might update once in a while and we might also add more coins.

Tax Status

I2P itself is not incorporated and donations are not tax detuctable.


While supplies last, we provide I2P stickers on different conferences and events we do visit. These events are noted in our official Twitter feed, please do have a look. Attend those events, do talk to us, ask for stickers!