Thank you for your interest in contributing to I2P!

For nearly two decades the I2P network has provided protected communication platforms and access to information and resources to individuals who are concerned about online privacy. Designed with security and privacy first, peer-to-peer and decentralized, it continues to provide the opportunity for access to the free flow of information on its network and resist internet filtering and blocks. I2P has done this with the support of its community through volunteers and donations.

Your donations help I2P continue to be an alternative option for online communication for everyone and create a space to resist the persistence of surveillance and monitoring of our digital lives. Your donations facilitate research and development to create applications that will increase access to I2P services, and its outreach in at-risk communities.

I2P accepts donations in cryptocurrencies and via Paypal. Android users may also support the project through the Google Play Store by choosing the "Donate" edition. I2P funding is handled by meeh.

The following addresses are valid as of June 10th, 2019. Please note that any other addresses not listed here are no longer valid. Please note that addresses may update and more coins may be added.

BTC Address: 3AtDiRUiyDHTSALRxsEZ7yqmB7piwaowaY
LTC Address: MN55tu4y7UtdPXUk9WvCSfy4nGUW79DZpN
ETH Address: 0xfC35D2225bA2739eCC5a1e50676a8DbC03569C27
ANC Address: ANi2pB8RTeuWFf9wki6Ffiv9RJqioQydrH
XMR Address: 447kucUDzM21jDxdmx7h2jFT4UT4PprD8EMjDk4Bc471gRGkbeZSfSPHcB7JtiumR7gNRJgKqf1dHa2T49nQ7jsfSZSfoLA

We now also accept paypal donations!

Tax Status

I2P itself is not incorporated and donations are not tax deductible.


I2P makes stickers available at conferences - please refer to the official I2P Twitter and Masdodon accounts to contact the I2P team. Stickers can also be sent by post with your donation while supplies last.